Treating your pets, like our pets

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At AMSC, we truly care for the welfare and health of your pets. We operate round-the-clock so your pet will never be left alone, and we provide a comprehensive range of services to cater for any and all emergencies that may occur. Our broad scope of testing is who refer cases to us for further treatment and in-depth screening

We are running out patient clinic daily from 9AM-6PM . To get the smooth patient arrangement, we accept and preferred by appointment booking within the clinic hours. We do in OPD for general consultation, general prevention, vaccinations, minor surgeries and comprehensive care services.


Some patients need to monitor round-the-clock and for the treatments. We are arranged admission services for those patients who need to get this. We separated hospital rooms for dedicated patients and infective cases and the doctors as well by 24/7 duty assigns .

We accept general surgeries, soft tissue surgeries and orthopedic surgery like fracture cases.

We do emergency care including emergency operations.


Patient Monitoring system

Complete Blood Count

Biochemistry Profile

Faecal Analysis

Urine Analysis

Cytology including skin scrapings, ear mite tests, etc.

Rapid tests for  CHW,CPV,CDV,CCV , FELV,FIV,CPL and Snap4Dx etc.

Glaucoma Testing