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The Animal Medical & Surgical Center is founded in 2021 and established at 1st January 2022 in Yangon.

Our team is made up of health professionals that are dedicated to getting your pets back on their feet. Every step of our process is shaped by the goal of improving your pets’ health, and we take every possible step to increase the quality of healthcare for the smoothest recovery.


At AMSC Veterinary Clinic, we strongly believe in treating all pets like our own, Regardless of the species of pet or severity of their conditions, we always ask ourselves the same question: “How would we treat these pets if they were ours?” This is because we believe that we must be comfortable to give the exact same treatment to our pets if they were to have the same condition.


AMSC is more than an animal clinic. We’re pet owners ourselves and we fully understand the concerns you have when our precious pets need treatment. That’s why we take great care to ensure that all patients are comfortable and have stress-free visits.

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No.1091/A, Tanthumar Road, 5 Quarter, South Okkalapa Township, Yangon, Myanmar